Do you want to learn how to keep better care of your vehicle? Well we’re here to help with 5 Car Maintenance Tips you need to know!

1. Battery


Unfortunately batteries function less well in the winter. Get your battery tested by our local team of mechanics who will make sure it can hold a charge so you can avoid breaking down in the cold.

2. Wheel Alignment

Use your time this week to get your car’s alignment checked. Maintaining proper wheel alignment is essential to avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension and brakes.

3. Coolant Levels

Maintaining your car’s fluid levels is extremely important in the winter. Have us check your entire coolant system, including radiator, hoses, and belts.

4. Lighting

We all know how early it gets dark in the Winter! Let us inspect all your exterior lights and replace these, if necessary.

5. Brakes

The conditions of winter can be tough on your brakes, so have them inspected to keep yourself as safe as possible!

Book Your Car in With a Mechanic You Can Trust

There you have it, 5 maintenance tips you need to know. By carrying out these simple checks, you’ll ensure your car is properly maintained this February. If you find an issue with you vehicle, Car Doctor is on hand to help. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and offer you great value for your money. We promise to repair only what you need repairing with no false extras, a practice someone mechanic establishments have been known to do.

To book your car in with our friendly, local team, call us on 01634 730 684!