Buying a second hand car could save a lot of money compared to buying the equivalent brand new model, but there are risks involved too. That’s why you should always take the car on a test drive before you decide to commit. Here are 5 things you should ask yourself before you buy!

1. Does it Start ok?

If the answer is no, there could be a problem with the battery or alternator which will cost you money to repair.

2. Check the Clutch

Is it easy to find the biting point? Take the car on a hill and accelerate at low revs in a high gear to check for slipping. You should also try to pull off as if you’re in an emergency. Does the car pull away nicely or does the clutch judder?

You want to avoid spending money on replacing a clutch so another piece of advice would be to test the same model to give you an idea of what the clutch is ‘supposed’ to feel like. It is then much easier to detect faults.

3. Check the Transmission

Can you select all the gears easily? They shouldn’t be making crunching noises every time you change gear.

4. Test the Brakes

On your test drive, you should always perform an emergency stop. Does the car pull to one side? Are there any unusual noises?

5. Check the Steering

second hand car

Does it operate smoothly, without any odd noises? Does the wheel feel heavy? This could indicate a problem with the car’s power steering.

Book Your Car in With a Mechanic You Can Trust

As well as looking for faults on a second hand car, your test drive is a great opportunity for you to decide whether this car is right for you. Is it comfortable? Would you be happy driving it day-to-day? Buying a car is usually a big investment, so make sure it’s right for you.

If your find a problem with your new car, Car Doctor is on hand to help. We promise to repair only what you need repairing with no false extras, a practice someone mechanic establishments have been known to do.

To book your car in with our friendly, local team, call us on 01634 730 684!