Spring started on Sunday 20 March, but the real question is… Have you started your spring clean? Whether the answer is yes or no, one thing that’s usually overlooked is your car! We’re here to give you 5 spring cleaning tips to help maintain your vehicle.

1. Engine

The engine is a car’s most critical component, yet since we hardly see it, it’s easy to neglect.

Open the hood of your car and remove any excessive dirt. If the engine looks significantly dirty, have it professionally cleaned.

2. Windshield Wipers

What tends to go hand-in-hand with Spring? A lot of rain.

Make sure you’re prepared with good wipers. You should aim to get your wipers replaced every 6 months for optimum performance.

3. Windows and Mirrors

Have the winter months made your windows and mirrors much dirtier than usual?

Clean the windows inside and out—and don’t forget the mirrors, too.

4. The Exterior

You can either visit a car wash to remove winter’s dirt and grime, or you can do it yourself! Make sure to use a soft sponge and a detergent specially designed for cars.

5. The Boot

spring clean

Remove any unnecessary items that may have piled up there during the winter. While you’re there, check the spare tire to make sure that it is properly inflated in case of an emergency.

Book Your Car in With a Mechanic You Can Trust

There you have it, 5 simple tips to make spring cleaning your vehicle fuss-free!

If you find an issue with you vehicle, Car Doctor is on hand to help. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and offer you great value for your money. We promise to repair only what you need repairing with no false extras, a practice someone mechanic establishments have been known to do.

To book your car in with our friendly, local team, call us on 01634 730 684!