MOT Testing.

At Car Doctor we provide MOT testing. Most of us don’t want to throw money away however once your car is more than three years old it is a legal requirement to have your car MOT (Ministry of Transport) tested and is something that has to be done yearly.

Your Local MOT Experts

If you are driving a vehicle that has not got a current MOT then it is illegal to drive the vehicle. It does not have to be that expensive so it is important that you go with someone you can trust so you don’t run the risk of being charged unnecessary costs.

There are a number of different checks your car has to go through in order to pass an MOT test which are interior, exterior and mechanical. These vary from Windscreen wipers to doors to steering and suspension to exhausts and more. In failing an MOT test we will issue you with a VT30 certificate which is a piece of paper that states what is wrong with the vehicle. It is important that you are fully aware of what needs to be rectified.

If you choose to get your MOT test with us at Car Doctor- we charge an appropriate price and you will feel comfortable discussing any problems or queries with the vehicle with a fully trained mechanic.

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Our Guarantee

Our experienced mechanics will try and repair your vehicle as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. We don’t only aim to complete a job, but we aim to complete it with great accuracy to avoid the same problem prematurely happening again. It is in our interest to impress our clients; therefore we want to give you the best service possible so you are guaranteed to leave with a feeling of content in that you have made a good investment into repairing your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services? Check out our frequently asked questions.

Why Should I Choose Car Doctor?2022-02-11T15:09:22+00:00

At Car Doctor we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and offer you great value for your money. We promise to repair only what you need repairing with no false extras, a practice someone mechanic establishments have been known to do. We have a great return of repeat business due to our honest, cost effective service- check out our reviews on Facebook to see for yourself!

Do you use Genuine Parts?2022-02-11T15:10:11+00:00

Yes! We carry out all servicing to your manufacturer’s specification and use genuine parts made for your make and model.

Does Your Servicing Maintain my Manufacturer’s Warranty?2022-02-11T11:25:14+00:00

The answer is yes! We carry out our servicing to your manufacturer’s specification and use genuine parts made for your make and model. Most importantly, we stamp your service book so that you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

What Should I Do When My Check Engine Lights Come On?2022-02-11T15:11:47+00:00

There could be a number of issues when your check engine light comes on. The issue could be something simple to fix such as a loose petrol cap, or could be something more serious. The best thing to do if you are unsure is to bring your vehicle to Car Doctor so that we can inspect the problem. Once we’ve found the route cause, you can then have us fix it with no false extras to ensure you are staying safe on the roads!

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