Easter bank holiday is officially upon us, a time of appreciation and of course, making ourselves sick by eating endless chocolate eggs!

car features

This Easter, we’re putting a spin on the traditional Easter egg hunt by hunting for the best car features around right now. Keep reading to find out more…

Our Top 5 Car Features Right Now

1. Driver Drowsiness Monitoring

If you’ve ever gone on a long road trip, you’ll know how hard it can be to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous, in fact, 10-20% of all crashes are estimated to be due to fatigued drivers.

A system that monitors drowsiness will register the driver’s steering patterns, lane position, and some even monitor a driver’s eyes and face to detect driver fatigue. If the system detects unusual driving behaviour, it will alert the driver to take a break. This is a great feature that could potentially save hundreds of lives each year.

2. Built in Umbrella

British weather is pretty impossible to predict. One minute it’s sunny and the next it’s pouring it down and oftentimes you aren’t prepared! If you’re fortunate enough to own a Rolls-Royce, then you have a secret umbrella stored in the driver’s side door. With a push of a button, a full-size umbrella pops out, ready to keep you dry and lift your spirits. We’re hoping that one day this could be a feature in more affordable cars!

3. Phone Key

When you leave the house, you always grab your phone. Some car companies offer smartphone apps that allow drivers to pair their vehicle with their phone.

This enables you to remember where you parked, see how much petrol you have left, set temperature controls, and even check if your windows are open or if your doors are locked. Companies are even developing a car key that is stored in your phone. Simply tap the door with your phone and watch it unlock!

4. External Airbags

From 1987-2015, frontal air bags have saved 44,869 lives! Today, car companies such as Mercedes Benz and Volva are taking airbags to a new level by experimenting with airbags that can deploy on the outside of the vehicle. The aim here is to stop the vehicle before a crash, reduce collision impacts with other vehicles and pedestrians and help counter the vehicle’s dipping motion under hard emergency braking.

5. Fully Autonomous Driving

Imagine getting into your car with a cup of tea, telling your car where you want to go and not having to do any of the driving… a dream, right?

Although fully autonomous technology is not quite there yet, some car companies such as BMW and Tesla have systems which can can carry out activities like search for vacant parking spots, tight corner parking or even take over complete control of the car in a traffic jam.

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That’s our Easter hunt complete! 5 Amazing car features that we can’t wait to see develop over the next few years.

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