As Autumn begins, coloured leaves will fall from the trees, the nights will get darker and the weather will create vast changes in driving conditions. We face heavy downpours, high winds and cooler temperatures, all of which create new hazards to be aware of when driving.


So, as you prepare yourself for the Autumn weather, make sure you do the same for your car with our 5 tips to get your car ready for Autumn!

Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Car

1. Lights

As the evenings draw in, we’ll be spending more time driving home in the dark. That’s why making sure you have full visibility in these conditions is so important. This is not only for yourself, but also to let other drivers know that you’re there. If your lights don’t work effectively, other road users may fail to see you, leading to an avoidable road accident.

Check the side and tail lights, headlamps, brake lights, indicators and fog lamps. And don’t forget the reversing light. Ensure all the bulbs are working and there’s no damage to the casing.

2. Fluids

When the season arrives, it’s a good idea to get beneath the bonnet and check all your car’s fluid levels.

prepare your car

This includes your coolant/antifreeze, engine oil and transmission, and brake fluid. By doing so you can drive at ease knowing your car is prepared for whatever the seasons throws your way.

3. Tyres

When the weather changes, so do the road conditions, making it more important than ever to make sure your tyres are keeping you safe on the road. Ensuring that your tyres are at the correct pressure and in good condition will help to avoid slips, slides and scary wheel-spin starts during the autumn months – just the peace of mind you need when waking up early to get to work.

prepare your car

What you need to check:

  • Tread depth: The legal limit for your tread depth is 1.6mm, however research has shown that it can take vehicles up to 44 meters to stop at motorway speeds in wet weather compared to dry. Therefore our advice is that if your tyres are below 3mm, you should consider a replacement.

  • Pressure: You can check the pressure of your tyres either at home or at a petrol station. To find out the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, simply check your handbook. Tyre pressure can often increase slightly during the summer, so they may need to be deflated slightly to ensure they’re running at the optimum pressure.

  • Condition: Physically observe your tyres and check for any splits, damage or bulges that could develop into a more serious problem down the line.

4. Windows

There’s nothing worse than the damp autumn weather, but even more so when it brings out the worst in a dirty windscreen. Ensuring that you can see clearly when driving is one of the most basic and important aspects of staying safe on the road.

Use window cleaner and a microfibre cloth to clean the inside of the windows to help prevent them fogging.

5. Exterior Paintwork

All that bad weather we’ve been talking about inevitably causes dirtier roads, meaning that your paintwork is likely to get dirtier a lot faster than in the summer months. The more dirt that builds up, and the longer it hangs around, the more likely you are to cause blemishes or damage to your paintwork.

prepare your car

Before the Autumn weather hits, consider fully cleaning, waxing and polishing your paintwork to protect it from the worst.

Trustworthy, Expert Mechanics

So, there you have it, 5 easy ways you can prepare your car for Autumn to avoid any weather-related problems! If you’re feeling a bit shaky about driving in the Autumn weather and want to do all you can to stay safe, check out the MET Office’s guide for driving in severe weather here.

If you do experience any issues this season, know that our friendly, professional and reliable mechanics at Car Doctor are on hand to help. We have years of experience in the trade and our goal is to get you back on the road again without any hassle!

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